Natural Law

I am Paul, an 18 year-old International Relations and Chinese major from Colorado.

No gods or kings. Only man.

There's More to Life Than Being Happy

"Satisfaction in life is derived not from an abundance of happiness, but from an abundance of meaning. While the difference may seem negligible, it is this distinction that makes suffering bearable."

Anderson’s films, like Salinger’s stories, are filled with loquacious, combative, often hyperachieving individuals who seem fully formed and secure in their identities but who reveal themselves as deeply damaged—by class anxiety, social expectations, and family dysfunction. They are too smart by half, and both artists let us know that their characters’ intelligence affords no insurance against despair or death.

—Matt Zoller Seitz Examining the Wes Anderson–J.D. Salinger Connection  (via jane-gallagher)

(via cussyeah-wesanderson)